At Pace Shave, we pride ourselves in offering shaving products resulting from supreme world class innovation. Our continuous research and development help deliver top-of-the-line product achievements offered at competitively low prices.


Key Achievements

World’s First Six Blade Cartridge

Pace Shave developed the world’s first six blade cartridge, increasing the life of the typical blade cartridge and providing a super close shave without irritating the skin.


World’s First Angulated Blade Platform

We created the first angulated blade platform which has a patented design and manufacturing process. Pace Shave blades are precisely engineered and positioned on the blade platform, resulting in seamless blade construction and effortless debris flow through.


Patented Common Docking

We hold the patent for common docking across blade cartridges, increasing manufacturing efficiency and customer convenience within product lines. With common docking across blade cartridges, customers are able to mix and match Pace Shave razor cartridges with different Pace Shave razor handles to customize their shaving experience.


Contact us today to learn how we might be able to provide you with a private label razor or OEM solution to boost your store brand strategy and revenues.  Retailing our exceptional shaving technology as your own brand has never been easier.

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