There are many reasons why Pace Shave shaving products are the best in the marketplace. All our technological advancements are designed for you, the shaver. From patented technology to an infusion of certain liquids to better protect the skin, our quality products feature unparalleled shaving innovation.


  • Patented Angulated Blade Platform

    Angled blades precisely engineered and positioned on blade platform

    Seamless blade construction

    Removal of blade welding to post leaves less obstacles for debris accumulation for a longer blade life

  • 6 Blades – Shaving Precision

    The world’s first 6 blade system offers an optimal single stroke shaving solution for
    the most stubborn facial hair.

  • Venetian Flow

    Fine blades on a pivoting, easy to rinse cartridge offer the closest and smoothest shave while increasing blade life.

  • Readying Bar – Preps Hair

    Ideal for spots requiring a single stroke solution, the rubber guard with
    built-in micro-fins brings hair up to offer a deeper and closer shave.

  • Lubricating Band – Triple Formula

    A unique combination of Chamomile, Olive Oil and Allantoin moisturizes,
    calms and protects even the most sensitive skin.

  • Patented Common Docking System

    No worries on what blade fits what handle

    Razor cartridge and handle interchangeability

    Allows for choice of shaving customization among Pace Shave product systems


Contact us today to learn how we might be able to provide you with a private label razor or OEM solution to boost your store brand strategy and revenues.  Retailing our exceptional shaving technology as your own brand has never been easier.

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