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Pace Shave’s 6 Blade with Trimmer System for Men

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“Have to say I am impressed with the 6 blade razor! Pretty smooth, no clogging, and no excessive lubrication. Well done!”
~ Knoxville, TN


“From its sleek and sturdy design, to its close and smooth shave, and its reasonable price, the Pace 6 excelled on every level. Its quality made so much of an impact on us that our previous razor just happened to find its way to the bottom of the wastebasket. The Pace 6 has officially become our razor of choice.”
~ Washington, DC


“I think Pace razors are great. My favorite is the 6 blade with the trimmer. This is a great razor. Pace razors are as good if not better than the very high priced other razors.”
~ Manchester, NH





Pace Shave’s 6 Blade System for Men

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“I purchased the razor and replacement blades about 1 month ago. I did so because the normal brand I used starts with a “G” and the other brand “S” just are crazy expensive. Both of those brands have 4-5 blade and work great for me. I have a heavy shadow! Always! Again both of the name brands work great but the prices! Well I am glad I risked buying [this] brand! My face really feels as smooth as a baby’s back side! No cuts! No ingrown hairs! I get a really close shave, smooth skin and no complaints from my special someone who says I have sandpaper face! Sandpaper face is an issue when I use the cheap 2-3 blade systems. Honestly, these are the best blades I have ever used! I do not even use shaving cream! I shave with or against my beard and never get cut up! Now if I could only with the Lotto My life would be complete!”
Hollywood, FL


“I’d used the Gillette® Fusion® for some time before purchasing this product after seeing the good reviews. It gives a really nice, close shave, (better than my Fusion®, IMHO) and the blades last me for about 6 to 8 uses. I break out if I shave too often, so I only shave about 2 to 3 times a week. I’ve had no issues with this razor.”
Dallas, TX


“This is a great razor, it cuts close without actually cutting your face. You don’t need to use it as much (stroke wise). It really is a nice smooth shave even on thicker longer hair. The best part when you run it under water it rinses clean.”
Baltimore, MD


“I get a clean shave and trim every time. No pinching, scraping or razor rash. Believe me I have a thick, bristly beard and mustache. Wonderful shaving system at an economical price.”
Columbia, TN


“I am on my 7th shave with this razor same blade it is great value one of the best razors I have ever used. Very good value. Highly recommend.”

Kennewick, WA


“I was pleasantly surprised by this razor. No hype behind it. I get a better shave than with the Mach 5®. I usually shave every other day, but can shave every day with this razor. Keeps its edge. No nicks. Love it! Try it out.”
Seattle, WA


“This is the world’s BEST shave…I can’t believe how inexpensive it is…it’s absolutely AMAZING!!”
Reno, NV


“You will never go back to Mach/Fusion or any other expensive brand name razor again after using Pace Shave’s 6 Blade System for Men.”
Huntington Beach, CA


“I love, love, love this razor!!! This is the best razor I have used to date; better and cheaper than the 5-blade leading brand. The blades do not drag at all…..”
Gaithersburg, Maryland


“Way better than expected! I was extremely surprised at how well this razor performed. I purchased it because of the price. I was astonished! I like it much better than the super expensive five blade I usually use.”
Nashville, TN


"I decided to take a shower last night and, as I always do, I took the time to shave before getting in it. However, I still had the razors I found for a low price a few days ago and, because they were absolutely worthless, I got fed up with them and, instead of taking my shower right away, I wound up in my car on my way up the street to Walgreen’s to buy something else instead.

When I left the house, I had every intention of buying a well-known brand of razor or, at very least, a brand I was familiar with so I didn’t run the risk of buying yet another crappy one. However, when I got there, I happened to notice something new; the Men’s Zone 6-Blade Shaving System razor. And, after some consideration, I ended up bringing that home with me instead.

There were a couple reasons why I ended up buying this razor. One of the big ones was price. As I said before, I was going to buy one of the better known brands. However, those were actually pretty expensive at Walgreen’s and this one was about half the price at just $7. Even more important was the fact the replacement blades were the same price (some of the replacement blades for the better known brands ran as high as $30).

The other reason I was interested in this product was the 6 blades. I have mentioned in other reviews that I like razors with four and five blades and I figured the extra blade had the potential of giving me an even closer shave.

I gave the razor a try as soon as I got home last night and, so far, I love it.

As I mentioned before, I had attempted to shave with the other razor first. That one left more stubble behind than it actually trimmed off. That was not the case with this razor at all. It took the hair off with one stroke (though, on occasion, I did need two) and left my face very smooth.

Another thing I liked about this razor is it gave me a comfortable shave. The pivot head helped me get over my chin and other hard to shave areas without cutting myself and without pinching or pulling. And, even though I was getting a close shave, there was no irritation; something I will usually get the first couple times I use a new brand of razors.

Unlike many cheaper brands, the Men’s Zone 6-Blade Shaving System is easy to clean out. This usually means I can get a few more shaves out of the razor than I can with other brands and get a bit more for my money.

If you are looking for a new men’s razor to try, I would recommend looking for this brand."
~ River Falls, WI


“Finally! An inexpensive, nice razor. The shave is good, and the blades clean out very easily.”
Roseville, CA





Pace Shave’s 4 Blade Disposable for Men

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“Over the years, I’ve tried many different varieties of razors (from disposable single-blade up to Gillette Fusion) and I’ve come to the conclusion that the ones that deliver the best shave have multiple blades (at least three), spaced closely together. I had originally spotted this three-pack of Pace four-blade disposable razors in a local dollar store. These razors’ four blades fit that criteria, and while I wasn’t expecting much of them, I figured I wouldn’t be out much if I didn’t like it. But when I tried them, I was pleasantly surprised. It delivered a smooth shave, smoother than I had expected from razors so cheap. It’s a few dollars cheaper than some competing four-blade disposables and yet delivers an excellent shave.”
~ Orange County, CA





Pace Shave’s 6 Blade System for Women

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“Bought the razor and blades a few months ago and am very glad that I did. They are better quality than Gillette® Venus®, which I didn’t think was possible to beat. I shave my legs, ankle to top of legs EVERY day and have for years. These give a close, cut free shave day after day and don’t cost me an arm and a LEG! Appreciate the value and great quality!”
~ Anonymous Testimonial, 4/24/12


“I shave my legs (all the way up) everyday, and I switch out blades about once a month. I’ve used all the name brands, most recently the Schick® Quattro®, but this is by far the best. Closest shave yet, without needing/using shaving cream, the handle feels great, it’s as light as a disposable, can’t say enough!”
~ Greenville, SC


“For the money you can’t beat it. The razor does a great job.”
~ Phoenix, AZ


“I had been using the CVS alternative to the Schick® Quattro® for years when an employee at my local CVS recommended this product to me. I told her that I do not like changing razors and she encouraged me by saying “Hey, it’s guaranteed. If you don’t like it, bring it back and I will refund you”. I tried it, and I LOVE it. One blade lasts me at least a month and the price is right!”
~ Pawtucket, RI





Pace Shave’s 6 Blade Disposable Razor for Women

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“Reading other testimonies I ran out and purchased the CVS brand razor (SXA400) and even though I was still very skeptical I figured I had nothing to lose since I have tried ALL the name brands (including some mens)! Most recently being the well known name brand with 5 blades that they tout as being the “best bikini razor”……NOT! The head of it is soooo big, who are they kidding! I thought why can’t manufacturers come up with a 5 blade smaller head? Low and behold the CVS had 6 blades and a smaller head! I used it this morning and OMG it is the best shave ever and just what I was looking for! I will never buy anything else again, and I’m used to paying way more for garbage. Thank you for this wonderful product and for having the vision to keep it real! It should be a keeper in your lineup!”

~ Lancaster, NY


“I’m an avid user of Gillette Venus razors, but when I saw how cheap these ones were, I definitely had to try them. I couldn’t believe it. I usually stay away from disposables because I think they’ll cut up my legs, but these disposables give me such a closer shave and last way longer than my Gillette razor systems.”
~ Orange County, CA


"I got sick and tired of buying bags of disposable razors only to use them and end up with bleeding legs every day. I tried other products with disposable razor heads and found they were too expensive and I would just buy throw aways again when I could not afford blade refills. This razor has a pivot head and six blades with a lubricating strip! I have never had a closer shave. I am Italian and need to shave my legs every day. The six blades leave me with an incredibly smooth shave. The blades also last a long time. I can use the same razor head for a couple of weeks. The lime green cushioned handle is the perfect design to fit my small hands. This razor is perfect for the price and the wonderful close up shave it gives."
~ Manchester, NH


"As I was doing my usual stroll thru CVS I ran across a unusual item in the shaving department I’ve not saw before and it definately caught my eye. It was a razor for women with a sixth blade. It was a store brand product with a very reasonable price tag attached to it. It was a CVS brand razor with a sixth blade. I thought to myself wow this is an incredible price of only $4.99 and it has this many blades. "This must be a mistake," I thought to myself. I searched all the neighboring shelves to see if it was priced wrong or put in the wrong place and could not find it anywhere else. I thought to myself surely I will get to the register and it will ring up $14.99 or something. As I completed my shopping for the day and got to the front I was clearly surprised to find no mistake. This incredible razor was only $4.99 and was my to keep after purchasing. I went straight home and hopped in the shower to experience a very close and personal smooth shave and my legs felt terrific when I was finished. Thank you CVS for focusing on us women because we too like to enjoy close shaves with all the luxury of extra blades. Wow, you guys outdid yourself."
~ Dallas, GA





Pace Shave’s 6 Blade Disposable Razor for Women

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“I am very impressed with the Pace Razor, after my first use. My legs are very smooth and 6 hours later, no stubble!”
~ Plant City, FL


“It can compare to none that I’ve used in the past. It had been a few weeks in between shaves (YIKES!) and one razor did the entire job-WHAT A RAZOR!!! I will NEVER use any other brand ever again.”
~ Granite City, IL


"I received a free razor in the sweepstakes. I just would like to say that this was the smoothest and closest shave I have ever had! It cut my shaving time in half, thanks to the 6 blades. I am a girl, so shaving my legs is always a grueling task. But with the 6 blade Pace razor, there were no nicks or cuts, and my legs are velvety smooth. I will definitely be purchasing this razor again."

~ Federal Way, WA

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